A Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) is a terminal that is used to transmit & receive data signal through a satellite.



  • Guaranteed consistent speeds – which allows enterprises to conduct their work without the risk of either fluctuations in speed or complete failure.
  • Safe, secure and always on alternative routing for enterprises needing a reliable backup for fibre connections. We offer a managed alternate for critical communications and applications.
  • Satellite-based services have only a single potential point of failure, facilitating ease and speed of troubleshooting.
  • VSAT is 99.5% reliable. The dependability of satellites is simply unquestionable.
  • VSAT services offer a complete telecommunications solution, allowing video conferences, email, browsing, VoIP and more. Service packages are designed specifically to cater to customer needs. The package you receive entirely depends on what you want.
  • Is the most reliable means of connection
  • Has a single point of failure unlike other technologies which have multiple points of failure


    We offer traffic shaping technology, which allows you to :

  • Prioritize your business protocols
  • Create controlled access to recreational sites by user
  • Prioritize non-standard ports like customer applications

evolutionary Tech Solutions

Technological advances have massively improved the price-performance ratio of FSS (Fixed Satellite Service). The latest satellite systems utilize Ka band technology which offers higher data rates at lower costs.

We offer flexible, dedicated and high download speeds

advantages of VSAT

Callkey offers a customer-centric managed service. We report on your usage patterns, which helps to ensure you

  • Managed 24/7 from our Westlands Network Operation Center (NOC)
  • Fully licensed in accordance with local requirements
  • Supported with guaranteed site attendance times by our field staff

If unmanaged, the use of Internet will typically comprise of 50% video, 30% text and 20% data We can help you restrict infotainment


Customer Support Tools

  • Protocol prioritization
  • Protocol discovery reports
  • Guaranteed use for business applications only
  • Free inter-branch VoIP (Telephony)
  • Guaranteed bandwidth at each site
  • Customer relationship management

our competitive advantage

  • We offer guaranteed speed
  • We use volumes as a measure of how much Internet access a customer uses on it.
  • We have dedicated/designated account managers to manage our clients